Guardian Knights South Africa Motorcycle Club

Guardian Knights Motorcycle  Club

Raising The Standards

Our structure is simple. We have a five person Executive Board for the conduct of business. Attendance at meetings and activities is encouraged, but not mandatory as a condition of continued membership.

Because of our diverse work schedules and the fact that we must live under so many rules and constraints in our jobs, we have chosen this open and unencumbered philosophy in the operation of our club.

We are bound by our bylaws and chapter operating policies and of course the laws of our local, county, state and federal jurisdictions where we live and work.

Our simple philosophy can be summed up in the phrase "Respect All -- Fear None"


Bikers come from all walks of life - from all socioeconomic backgrounds, from all professions, from all political persuasions, from all family environments.

We are united by a passion for freedom and adventure
that grows from the thrill of the ride and its proximity to death.
We recognize that, in spite of the fractured nature of humankind,
we are bound by a brotherhood of man that supersedes individual differences.
Guardian Knights patch-holders, therefore, respect the persuasions of all riders, in order to bring about a heightened awareness of the inalienable rights to liberty and security

Way Of Life

The longer a man rides the smaller the world becomes to him. Where ever he goes, the pavement beneath his tyres hums that the same familiar lullaby. The smiles of children are the same in any language. and the freedom of the road is one of the most precious treasures he can find.




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